Short Hair Styles & Updos for Short Hair

Creating updos for short hair can be easier than you think, but it obviously depends on how short you hair is. For hair 3 inches long to a short bob length, the short hairstyles will be easier to create.

Those of you out there keeping with the trends and fashions wondering on how to make your new short hair look more glamorous, don’t worry because here are some tips.

If your hair is a short crop, a Halle Berry look, then you can play with spiking parts of it, changing the hair color, or slicking it down.

Info & advice on getting hair extensions can be found below, which can be a great dramatic, but natural look. Using a suitable shampoo and conditioner that volumizes the hair can be very effective.

How to Get the Ideal Short hairstyles

Firstly, invest in some grips that you think are really cute and some that will go with everything. These will be an invaluable way of keeping your short hairstyles in order and making it look more glamorous, especially as it starts to grow longer.

Secondly, it could be wise to invest in some styling products, for example, wax and shine gel. It would also be sensible to buy some hair straighteners, if you don’t already have some.

Hair straighteners mean you can curl, flick and, obviously, straighten your locks.

These three ways of using straighteners can make your hair look entirely different than normal, and this is what will make any short hair updos look stunning at a special event.

Creating updos for short hair can be greatly aided by using a hairpiece, not a full one, but simply one that can be added to hair that has been put up in a ponytail. These can be found at many beauty stores and salons.

You can create all sorts of looks with these, a tight bun or a large curled prom hairstyle.

Another of the many styles of updos for short hair can be created with loads of grips, just experimenting with curling the hair and then gripping it down, mainly at the back of the head.

You could also create a small quiff at the front of the head which is a great stylish new look. And it is really easy to do, which is always a huge bonus! Simply take a 2 inch by two-inch section of hair at the top front of the head, and then pull it back, and then slide it forward, so it seems to be higher from the head, you could also pull this to the side to create a more up to date look.

It’s All About Hair Extensions

If you’ve always wanted that “updo” look for your wedding, prom or special occasion, but currently are sporting a short hairstyle, let hair extensions come to your aid.

The only type of extension to opt for is monofibre, as they’ll stay in whether you’re dancing the night away or lazing on a hot beach. Although human hair extensions may sound better, they have a reputation for falling out at just the wrong moment, and are less manageable than your own hair. Monofibre has been created to behave as, if not better, than natural hair.

Hair extensions can be expensive, but if you do want to get them done, it is often better to pay more as they will make your short hair updos look better. You do not want to get a noticeable line where they have been put in, nor do you want the color to be even slightly different from your natural one.

The use of hair extensions can look and feel very natural, whilst giving an amazing look that the bride and bridegroom are both going to love!

Whether you opt for this more formal style or natural, flowing long hair, getting monofibre extensions will mean that only you know it’s not your own hair.