Sedu Prom Hairstyles: Tips for Creating the Perfect Look for Prom

Sedu hairstyles are the buzzword of the day. They are in vogue, look great and are quite easy to achieve. And, as a matter of fact, they are appropriate for a wide variety of social gatherings; from the very formal to casual day-to-day wear.

Read on as we guide you through the entire subject, ranging from useful tips to actual steps to create these wonderful hairstyles.

And of course please do leave me a comment below if you have any other ideas for stunning Sedu styles!

Steps to Create an Elegant and Simple Prom Hairstyle

Foremost, in the below action, we’ve listed easy steps for you to follow to create that perfect look for the prom with a dazzling Sedu prom hairstyle. This particular Sedu prom hairstyle is a generic one and you can even further scout around for other options.

  1. First begin by spraying a heat-protective spray in your hair. This is to basically ensure that there is a little damage to the hair. Just make sure that you spray over the entire length of your hair.
  2. Now, blow-dry your hair fully. As you do this, just ensure that you blow downwards, so that you can keep the cuticles lying flat. This will leave your hair looking much shinier.
  3. Once done, take a wide-toothed comb and comb through the entire length of your hair.
  4. Now separate the hair into sections. According to the thickness of your hair, you will have to make anything between 4 to 10 sections. You must remember to start with hair closest to your neck and then work upto the top. The trick is that a higher number of sections will make your hair look straighter in the end.
  5. Begin by straightening the first section and go on until you finish the last one.
  6. If you have achieved the look you wanted to, then spray some shine spray all over your hair. Otherwise, you can safely continue to straighten your locks until you achieve the desired look. If you are the slightly adventurous types, you can experiment with the straighteners to even create curls and waves also.

A few other Sedu prom hairstyles include:

The Natural Sedu Prom Hairstyle

Similar to a Sedu hairstyle flip, this look can be that of a loose bun or with some curls at the bottom. To achieve this look, follow the below steps:

  • wash and condition your hair and allow it to dry;
  • before you blow dry, apply a bit of of styling mousse;
  • insert a small, 2 inch section of hair in the straightener;
  • slowly glide the straightener from the roots to ends;
  • make short sweeping curls in or out at the hair ends.

The Formal Prom Hairstyle

To achieve this look, begin by following the first four steps of the above hairstyle. Then proceed with the below:

  • sowly, glide the Sedu straightener from the roots of the hair to the ends and repeat until the hair is straight;
  • make a low-lying ponytail and twist it around an elastic band, securing it with hairpins to complete the look.

Sedu Tips and Guidelines

Read on further for some really useful tips and guidelines to use when creating a Sedu prom hairstyle.

  1. The most important aspect is to know how to use the Sedu iron. Even the simplest of Sedu irons can work wonders if you know the right method to use them. On the other hand, improper usage can cause poor results and even cause damage to your hair.
  2. Ensure that your hair is thoroughly clean, conditioned and dry before you begin to use the Sedu iron.
  3. Make your hair absolutely dirt free as dirty hair will hamper the quality of results.
  4. Be on a lookout for any split ends. Cut these regularly to avoid any form of hair entangle.
  5. For best results, experts always advise drying hair thoroughly before going to bed at night, a day prior to the one you are planning to do your Sedu prom hairstyle on.
  6. In case you have curly hair, try to straighten it with a static brush, before you actually use the Sedu hair straightener.
  7. To help you in your efforts, make sure that you have the following at hand before you attempt to begin a Sedu prom hairstyle:
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Fine-toothed tailed styling comb
  • Massaging wooden hair brush
  • Boar bristles round brush
  • Ceramic styling hairbrush
  • Make sure you go in for a good quality Sedu hair straightener in order to avoid the damage and also to get the finest of results.