Long Hairstyles | Updos for Long Hair

Whatever length you’re wearing it, your long hair can look great either up or down.

For a formal occasion or event, you’ll want to look into special long hairstyles. Whether you opt for more formal long hair updos, or for creating masses of curls, check out your look with your dress, gown or outfit in plenty of time.

If you’re not used to putting your hair up, you could suddenly find that you need extra jewelry such as earrings or necklaces that aren’t usually necessary to accomodate a long hairstyle.

Ensure that your hair is in tip-top condition by taking time out to give it a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the big event.

The top occasion long hairstyle is the bun. There are many long hair updos that feature a bun. This could be a messy bun, or a tightly pulled back one.

To create a large curled bun, you will probably need to go to your local salon to have a hair extension added professionally.

To create a great curled updo for long hair at home, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Curl your whole head of locks with tight ringlets, by using a curling iron or flat irons.
  2. Pull back into a high ponytail, and secure with a tight band.
  3. Have several grips or clips to hand, and then take a strand of hair and twist and clip it into your hair, less than an inch away from the hair band.

You should try this look out before the night, so you can be sure of how tight the curls should be and how tightly you want to grip the bun. It is also a sensible idea to keep the ‘testing’ look in for at least 1 hour so that you can tell if you have gripped everything sufficiently.

Another great look that is quite easy to create is a swept side bun, which can be accessorized with a ribbon that matches the color of your dress, or a cute clip to match your earrings.

Follow these instructions to create a great long hair updo:

  1. Apply hair spray and then tease gently with a comb.
  2. Sweep your hair round to the lower left hand side of your head, so that it lies smoothly against your head.
  3. Put this into a ponytail that is close to your neck, and twist into a bun. Secure with a hairband and grips.
  4. Finish the look by adding some gorgeous accessories and then setting with hairspray.

Ideas for Curly Hair

Creating curly long hairstyles takes a little effort, but the rewards are well worth it – women with curls can look very sexy, feminine and attractive. This is probably the best and most often seen look on the red carpet.

To create some great curls get your flat irons or curling tongs. You can experiment with these, and try creating different sized curls. Just twist and pull down, but don’t be too harsh.

Remember that it is very important to condition any and all long hair updos, but when it comes to curly hairstyles this is absolutely mandatory. For the best results, make sure that you go to the hair salon every 4-6 weeks to keep it alive and looking beautiful. Consider periodic deep conditioning treatments as well. Check out my blog for the latest tips and tidbits to make this happen!

Celebrity Secrets

If you’re wondering about the fashion for women’s long hairstyles, just check out the celebrities like Keira Knightley – she’s opted for a fashionable short style in a bob.

Many of the top stars like Catherine Zeta Jones, Kelly Brook, and Liz Hurley have chosen to go for long, loose curls with shine and body.

For the red carpet, the style can be swept up and back, with immaculate make-up, stunning accessories and, of course, a designer gown!

Healthy Hair

A balance of the right minerals and vitamins are essential for healthy strong hair. Occasional deep conditioning treatments will be rewarded by keeping your locks glowing and shiny.