How to Put On Eyeliner: Put on the Top and the Bottom

How to Put On Eyeliner is one of the hardest way and tricky method for women. The eyeliner can make the eye even more beautiful. The eyeliner is one of the most sold out supply that women buy.  The best way to choose eyeliner is by considering the type of your skin or your eye. Usually the eyeliner comes in a pencil, liquid, or cream form. Then choose which part of the eye you will apply, either on the top or the bottom part.

How to Put on Eyeliner Choose the Top Part

If you are confused on how to put on Eyeliner on the eye, especially on the top part, follow these options. The very first use a pencil and do not put it on too gently. The thing does not you ever try to make pencil pull on your skin. The thing is you always have to use a mirror when putting on the eyeliner. Use mirror and enough lighting. The way why people put the eyeliner on the top is to make the top eye doesn’t look droopy.  So try the best way How to Put On Eyeliner on Top Lid.

How to Put on Eyeliner Choose the Bottom

Another option is to put your eyeliner on the bottom line. How to Put on Eyeliner for people who want to put the eyeliner on the bottom part is surely be very challenging. Even for the professional putting the eyeliner on the bottom one.  First spot the place that won’t diminish soon. Choose the one that isn’t watery or slimy. The best way is not to put on the above part. Sometimes it will give a black mark on your eye.

The way How to Put On Eyeliner on the Bottom isn’t as common as putting on it on the top lid. People aren’t usually put it on the bottom one. Use eyeliner over the lashes to finish the looks of the eye. People will surely choose to apply on the bottom part because once it gets apply it will look good. Choose the best eyeliner on your makeup, and put it on in a moderate way not too gently or too slow. So, you know the best way How to Put On Eyeliner.