How to Do Asian Eye Makeup: Simple Tips and Tricks

How to do Asian eye makeup required someone to understand their look first. Asian with their tinier eyes has their tricks to make it look attractive and beautiful. Mostly the tricks involved of applying the correct makeup tools to shape up the correct makeup shape so that the small eyes become an attractive window to your inner self. Here are the tips and tricks to applying makeup to an Asian face.

How to Do Asian Eye Makeup: Characteristic

How to do Asian eye makeup one of the characteristics of Asian is their small eyelid that should be considered as strengths rather than weakness to Asian people looks. One of the tricks is to create an Asian Smokey eye with applying some black brushes to the eyelid and a little dash of eyeliner around the eye line. One could also use a lighter color of eyeshadow to the lid so that their eyes would like it pops and show more the brightness and depth of the eyes.

How to Do Asian Eye Makeup: Color Selection

How to do Asian eye makeup does not have much to play in colors since too much color will leave the eye looks less bright and reduce eyes effect from the face. Chinese eye makeup also has fewer color options since they have tinier eyelids to put color too. The great color that will suits well with Asian’s eyes are brown and red, since both color, if applied in the right amount will show itself like an exotic accessory to the eye brightness.

There it is the simple tips and tricks for any Asian woman who wants to look more attractive in any kinds of occasion. So first make sure that you understand the characteristics of Asian woman’s eye, where there are less eyelid to show. Second, makes sure that the color matched the black and brown hair and eye colors so that the makeup does not look too bright to your eyes. With this simple how to do Asian eye makeup tricks, I am sure your looks will look more vibrant and radiant.