How to Do a Hair Twist Using the Two Strand Twist Technique

If you are wondering how to do twists, and whether or not you can complete them on your own, rest assured that you can!

These are some of the most popular styles worn by women with natural hair because they’re easy to do, look great, are long-lasting, and leave you with sensational waves when you take them out.

And as an added bonus, this style is really easy to create. Yes, it’ll take you a couple of times to get the hang of it, but once you have it down pat you will find it quick and easy.

Prepare the Hair

If you intend on leaving your two strand twist style in for a few days, you should start with your hair freshly washed and conditioned. Products such as Carol’s Daughter Kizzy Pomade or Khoret Hair Oil are excellent to use to help moisturize and protect your hair. You can either get started right away or allow your hair to dry first. When you’re learning how to twist hair, you’ll find that whether your hair is wet, dry or damp will make a big difference in the final look.

When you create your first section, keep in mind that you’ll want all of them uniform. Section off a piece, finger comb and apply a non-sticking, light gel.

One of the most important things to remember when you’re learning how to do twists is that when you split the section in half, it must be the same size on either side. Otherwise, you’ll get near the bottom and end up with an uneven amount of hair.

To begin, take one section in each hand and twist one over the other all the way down to the bottom. While you’re working, aim to maintain an even tension on both pieces, and take the time to smooth away any loose strands. The more tension you provide, the better your two strand twist will look and hold.

When you get to the bottom, dab a holding agent and hold the hair tightly for a moment. When you let go, do so very gently so that the twist doesn’t unravel before it’s had time to set.

Continue on with the next section of hair, making sure that it’s the same size.

Maintaining the Look

Some people want to learn how to twist hair for the sole purpose of creating a wavy look when the twists are removed after drying. However, you can actually wear your style for as long as a few weeks without removing them.

When you shampoo a two strand twist hairdo, concentrate on your scalp. If your hair tends to unravel when you attempt to wash it, try braiding the ends. You may find that some of the twists get puffy after a while, and this is to be expected; you can just use pomade or a holding agent and tighten the twist back up. Even if you have to tighten every single one, at least you didn’t have to part, measure and section off pieces, so touch-ups are a breeze.

It’s a good idea to wear a satin scarf or a bonnet while you’re sleeping to hold the twists in place, otherwise they may get messy while you sleep. If they do get a little roughed up, just lightly mist them in the morning and smooth them back into place. Follow these tips, and you’ll master the art of how to twist hair in no time.