How to Apply Eyeliner: On the Top with Pencil

How to Apply Eyeliner is another must thing to do for women. The most common thing to do when applying this eyeliner is choosing which part of the eye you want to put on the eyeliner. The best way to put on this eyeliner is before going to work, or before shopping. Women always want to look good anywhere they go. The short time woman has demanded them to have such a simple makeup with simple supply, and you can do it with eyeliner.

How to Apply Eyeliner Put It on the Top

A commonplace for a woman to put on the eyeliner is on the top lid. Because of it easy to notice by people, one use or do not use eyeliner. For a woman that don’t know How to Apply Eyeliner, first wash your face, and then put the concealer or foundation first. By applying foundation or concealer first, it will make easier to clean the mark later. The next thing to do is try to draw the line on your top lid, make sure the dots all have been connected. You can see the result on How to Apply Eyeliner on Top Lid.

How to Apply Eyeliner with Pencil

The other thing is How to Apply Eyeliner if one person has a pencil eyeliner. The same step happens; the very first thing to do is always to draw the lines from the middle of the eye. The eyeliner shouldn’t use too gently, just grip it lightly then apply to your eyes. So then go back to the center of your eye to get the leanest line on the eye. Try to reach until the tear duck so it will not look messy.

The thing women have in common is they want to master quickly on How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner. The experience is needed because that’s a different matter for everyone. The problem of putting the eyeliner can be done easily if we have enough knowledge and experience. There’s beautiful if one knows how to put it on properly. For women, the technique of beauty is essential, so they need to learn How to Apply Eyeliner.