Gorgeous Bown Hair Colors at Your Home

Our appearance in front of others people is exactly important because the way we treat ourselves by showing what we have is also the way people will appreciate and respect us. Hair is one of the parts of the human body, which most people give concern a lot, especially women. They even update their need by following the fashion trend of hair. Brown hair colors is the most commonly used by women, yet stands long last for always refreshes hair to be more gorgeous, stunning look.

Although hair treatment expert is widely spread throughout your living area, you can have a great solution for your hair highlight. Why not do your own selves brown hair colors highlights at your home? There are so many advantages you can get. First, you save your money because you can control your brown hair colors rather than paying a lot of charges to go to salon. After that, you can be creative and also satisfied with your own result. Get ready to start?

DIY Hair Highlight

Best Brunette Hair ColorThere are huge of preparation and steps for you to get your well brown hair colors highlights. Choose the right kit. Choose the right kit for your highlights using several famous brands like Clairol Nice, Loreal, and Revlon. Then, after choosing the right kit, you move to follow the kit’s directions. This is the test trial. Mix up the amount of the dye and apply it to several sections of your hair behind your ear. You must be patient since you need to wait just around 10 minutes. Then rinse it, and go check your hair. If you think the shade has not come out well enough, try to repeat that until several times, in which in every process takes you to wait every 5 minutes.

To do your DIY brown hair colors highlights, you need to prepare some stuff such as aluminum foil, toothbrush, plastic hair clip, and highlighting kit. Using your crown, clip your hair up and begin the rest of the highlights. The first is a highlight face-framing sections. In this process, you need to separate a section of your hair. Slide a piece of aluminum foil under the section, and then saturate it using a toothbrush. After that, fold the foil in order to avoid the direct contact between your hairs. Repeat it to the whole hair. Then, you move to the section of brown hair color highlights in the top of your hair. Remove the crown so tat your hair is not clipped any more. Spread out the fingers, lay them in the left side. Do the process until reaching the part of right part.

Finishing of Your Highlights

After having your perfect and easy DIY brown hair colors highlights, you come to the ending of the steps, which is finishing. Make sure that the total of your wrapped highlights, around 10. Rinse your hair with your shampoo and conditioners that is good for your hair (the brand depends on the customer). After that, dry your hair. Your hair highlights are now ready to show to the world.