Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Selection and Tutorial

Eyeshadow for blue eyes should use the perfect color. Because, when you ave a blue eye, the color will be very beautiful and mesmerizing. Therefore, it is important to use the eye shadow colors that will make your blue eyes stands out. There are so many options that you have. this article will give you some inspiration for that along with the tutorial of applying them. Check this out to get some beauty tips.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Selection of Color

when you have blue eyes, you cannot use the blue color for eyeshadow for blue eyes. Because, the eyes color will be covered with an eyeshadow. You should use the contrast color and make it dark. Therefore, the blue eyes will be stands out. For example, you can use a brown color for the eyeshadows. Furthermore, purple or dark pink color can also be used. Just make sure that the color gradation is perfect for eye shape.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes and How to Use It

the first thing to know when applying eyeshadow blue eyes is that the color gradation should be able to make your eyes look deep and sharp. For one, apply some soft yet contrast color for the eyeshadow for blue eyes. Moreover, then, for the edge part of the eyes, apply some darker color. Make sure that the colors naturally blend. Moreover, for the finishing, put on some light color at the top, therefore, the eye bone will be more standout.

The eyes are the center of a woman’s beauty. From the beautiful eyes, you can give a special impression, and it will also make you look glamour instantly. Therefore, the color of the eyeshadow should be suitable for the color of your eyes. It may sounds complicate, but the eyeshadow for blue eyes tutorial is actually pretty easy. Moreover, if you can find the right eyeshadow for blue eyes, you will have the perfect eye makeup.