Brown Hair Colors Tips

For you who are interested in brown hair colors, you will know that the application of the color should be done carefully and by a professional for the color to be successfully and nicely applied. Combined with the haircut and the brown colored hair, you will look even more gorgeous. Still, brown coloring may not be as simple as it seems, so you may want to check on brown hair colors pictures and valuable tips. Here will be discussed some tips on coloring your hair brown, so you will be an awesome look brunette.

Type of Brown Colors

There are many types of brown hair colors, so you may want to take a look at the catalogue which brown color you want to apply. Dark brown can give you fresh and nice look, and the light brown can be highlight that focuses eyes onto your hair more. You may also make the brown color even more perfect with combination of the brown shade of color.

To change from a lighter color to dark brown hair colors is much easy by using an intensive tinting treatment or permanent hair color. The hard part of the brown coloring is to find the tone that will be perfect, so the proposition of hair is important for you to be wiser in having the hair coloring. Medium blonde natural color with dark brown color may look artificial somehow. Certainly, the new brown hair color will spoil you fun with the brown color. Solutions to this you can take are the restraint in the choice of color and multi-facetted hair color.

Tips on Coloring Your Hair Brown

First is not to do it chunkily. You can ask for the hairstylist to make the highlight skinny and thin with many natural color of brown in between.

Compared to natural color, highlight the hair lighter only a couple shades. This is for example, if you have a dark brown color, the highlights should be on the medium brown color. If you have already a medium brown hair, you can try a shade of light brown highlighting.

Next is to make sure you avoid red. You need to do anything that helps you stay away from red. You need to request the colorist to take off the highlight immediately to make the shade not too be bold. For this brown hair colors process, it is suggested to not let the foils stay on more than 5 to 15 minutes.

For brunettes, do not highlight your hair on a style that is often like a blonde has. In this case, do not do the highlight before four months. This is because you will lose the natural color of your hair.

Moreover, it is suggested to use brunette’s conditioner which is made special for the purpose. Among many conditioners, you can try the JF Lazartigue. This conditioner can help hair which color oxidizes, brassy or fading. It will make our hair back to its glam in only about five minutes.

Regarding the hair washing, you need to be careful and not to shampoo your hair every day. Doing so will only make the fading process of the brown hair colors faster.