Here I am still spouting the benefits of essential oils. This time, I want to talk about how essential oils can be used for animals. Many readers have asked me if it is safe to use essential oils on their pets. As long as you bone up on what oils are okay to use, then, yes it is absolutely fine.


My information tells me that the essential oils to avoid using are: hot oils (wintergreen and peppermint), and also oregano, clove and thyme.


If you are still unsure, double check with an animal expert if there are any other oils that are bad to use on your pet.



Essential oils are used to fight infections and kill bacteria

Essential oils kill yeast and mold infections

Essential oils ease inflammation and pain in your pet.

Essential oils help an animal to breathe easier.

Indigestion that is common in an animal can be subdued with essential oils.

The right essential oil can help to relieve an animal’s anxiety.

An animal’s fur and skin benefits from using an essential oil.

The proper essential oil can control fleas.

A big issue is often pet odors…a bacteria fighting essential oil does wonders in eliminating nasty odors.


Folks, I would advise you to check with your vet before using any essential oil on your pet.

Once you get the approval from the doctor, be careful to avoid using  any essential oil near your dog or cat’s mouth, eyes, nose or any other area that might be sensitive.


I learned the hard way to introduce an essential oil to my dog. You need to approach the animal slowly when using an essential oil on him. Dogs, especially, have a strong sense of smell and as I found out can react adversely (my dog went all fidgety when I first approached him with an oil product.) My advice is to put a small amount of an essential oil on your own hand and let your dog sniff it slowly. I saw a more positive reaction in my dog after I did the hand thing.


It has been my pleasure to share my limited knowledge of essential oils with my readers.