Essential Oils and Children

Essential oils are a relatively new approach to healing and emotional well being. They tend to have a soothing effect on your mind, body, and soul.

Parents and children bond through hugging, smiling, and kissing, as well as other ways. It is therapeutic to both the parent and child to enjoy the nurturing touch of a massage on the legs, abdomen, back, hands, arms, and feet. Since young infants are able to recognize the scent of their mother, we know they are very sensitive to any type of smell. That makes them even more vulnerable to the effects of the fragrant essential oils that can help benefit their health and overall well being.

Essential oils are natural, plant based oils that have a distinct composition that determines their color, fragrance, and effect on our bodies. Be sure to talk with your doctor or a knowledgeable aromatherapist before introducing your child to essential oils. There are also many places online where you can learn more about using different essential oils on your baby or young child.

Below are some of the more common essential oils used for children:

  • For earaches, headaches, or bug bites, an excellent home remedy is lavender oil
  • If you need a natural astringent, toner, or skin softener, try rose for geranium oil.
  • For hair loss, try peppermint and chamomile oil.
  • For dander relief, you can use curry leaf, lemon, and lavender oil.
  • For constipation, consider using black pepper oil.
  • To alleviate coughs, tea tree, eucalyptus, and cedar wood oils work wonderful.
  • If you have a sore throat, try thyme, lavender, or ginger oil.


  • To help you get a good nights sleep, blend chamomile and lavender oil’s together. This worked great for me when I was towing Clearwater FL and couldn’t rest well on my out of town trip.
  • For a refreshing bath, add grapefruit and lemon oils to warm water in your bathtub.

Always be cautious if you plan to use essential oils on your children. The best oils to use own children are the mild ones. Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil or water since they tend to be highly concentrated. If you do not dilute them, they may cause your little ones skin to become irritated. Also, keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets.