Important Things to Remember with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to treat many different medical conditions, to reduce stress, for cosmetic purposes, and to help alleviate psychological ailments. They have the power to help you with both your mental and physical state.

Essential oils are made from extracting pure oils from living trees and plants. When they are appropriately used, most of them can be safely used at home and come with many beneficial effects. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when using essential oils at home, though.

  1. Most essential oils need to be diluted before applying them directly to the skin. Tea tree oil and lavender are the only two exceptions to this rule.
  2. Use extreme caution when using essential oils around heat sources and flames since they are flammable.  If you are heating up the oils in water to diffuse them, always add the water first. The oils will evaporate into the air as the water boils.
  3. Only use essential oils externally. On occasion, your expert aromatherapist may tell you to take essential oils internally. Many of the oils are toxic when swallowed, though. Even if you use essential oils for therapeutic reasons, such as mouthwash, you should not swallow them.
  4. Essential oils should always be kept out of children’s reach.
  5. Always seek the advice of a knowledgeable aromatherapist before using essential oils with young children, on babies, or while pregnant.
  6. If essential oils are part of your herbal medicine or homeopathic treatment, get advice from your aromatherapist and a herbal medicine or homeopathic practitioner.
  7. Some medical conditions are thought to not be benefited by using essential oils, so talk with your doctor before stopping any prescribed medicines. Your doctor should be able to talk you through the benefits and/or dangers of replacing your medicines with essential oils.

Essential oils are a wonderful alternative to medicines. It is important, though, to follow the advice above so your experiences with essential oils are both beneficial and enjoyable.